Faulty Bilge Pumps Sink Boat


A leaky hatch and faulty bilge pumps joined forces to sink this 24′ bow rider at anchor on May 23, 2016.

A local boat rental agency called Fast Response to refloat the boat in under 10 feet of water.

Working together, Units 1 and 3 quickly got the boat back up and pumped out.

The moral of this story, says Capt. Chuck, is to be sure your bilge pumps are working, and to double check that hatches are properly sealed to prevent intrusion of rain water.

Even if you know your pumps are working, it’s always a good idea to double check that float switches are not obstructed by trash, pet hair or anything that might cause them not to start pumps when needed.

FRMTS-bow-rider-salvage-052216-2-1200px-72dpi FRMTS-bow-rider-salvage-052216-3-1200px-72dpi FRMTS-bow-rider-salvage-052216-4-1200px-72dpi FRMTS-bow-rider-salvage-052216-5-1200px-72dpi