We are your affordable alternative if you ever find yourself stuck out on the water or at the dock! We take pride in providing the fastest marine towing and salvage services at the most competitive prices. We specialize in tows, beach rescues, battery jump starts, fuel delivery, marine salvage and so much more! Offering fast and reliable services 24/7, we’re proud to be the only South Florida marine towing and salvage service rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau!


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  • dive-1-1200px-72dpi“I would sincerely like to thank you and everyone involved from Fast Response for saving me and my sister’s lives. The currents were too strong to hold onto the rescue diver, and my sister was feeling incredibly weak and could not hold on for much longer. It was such a relief seeing your boat come to us.”

    ~Abdul and Hina

  • FRMTS-2011-05-04_19-45-43_424-1200px-72dpi“When we broke down 4 miles offshore Miami, Fast Response got to us so quickly and were HALF the price of the other two companies we called. So glad we called Fast Response. Great guys!”


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FRMT-Logo-400x400As fellow boaters and yachtsmen, we know it’s no fun to be stuck out on the water because of an engine problem or one of those embarrassing “oops” moments running aground on a sand bar or running out of fuel.

What’s worse is not knowing who you can trust for help, so you don’t get scammed or hit with a huge bill at the end of the ordeal.

That’s why we built this company — to give you the best experience at the most reasonable rates possible. We’ve even taken this a step further and are offering a very limited number of Elite Memberships, which provide you with key services for one low price.

Membership Service Area for Fast Response Marine Towing & Salvage, LLC.
Marine towing
If you ever get stuck out on the water, as a member, all you need to do is call us. We’ll be there to tow you back to your home base!
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here are the benefits of membership:

  • If your boat is disabled while out on the water, we’ll tow you to your choice of ports within our service area.
  • Soft un-grounding assistance to get you back on your way fast!
  • Battery jumpstarts if you get stuck with a dead battery while away from the dock.
  • Delivery of fuel or other engine fluids or parts to your boat if you’re disabled out on the water.
  • Salvage at a discounted rate.
  • Dock to Dock towing at a discounted rate.

We offer two types of memberships: A Standard Membership covers you up to 12 miles away from shore, from Boca Raton in the north to Key Largo in the south. An Off-Shore Membership extends your service area all the way out to the Bimini Islands.

So what’s this cost? It’s only a fraction of what you could be charged if you’re NOT one of our members. As an example, just a simple tow back to your port can cost anywhere from $300 up to thousands of dollars, depending on where you break down, sea conditions and the time involved. If you’re one of our members, your cost would be $0… zip… nada…

Let’s say you run aground on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay in your 50′ yacht in calm conditions. It’s an $850 bill for non-members, but if you were already signed up with us, your cost would be $0! That’s right, you’d be covered.

Even for non-members, our rates are the best in the industry (so be sure to call us first!), but doesn’t it make sense to pay just a fraction of the cost of a single tow, and have the peace of mind knowing the Fast Response team has your back?

Join us today while memberships are still available. We strictly limit the number of memberships we sell, so we can keep our member-to-boat ratio low and provide your with the fastest service possible!

Annual Standard Memberships start at $138.00 (See our Standard Membership Agreement here.)

Annual Off-Shore Memberships start at $155.00 (See our Off-Shore Membership Agreement here.)

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Office: 1950 NE 135th St. • North Miami FL 33181
Warehouse: 509 NW 72nd St. • Miami, FL 33150
Phone: 305.953.7524 • Toll-Free: 888-6-TOWBOAT
FAX: 954.785.8946
VHF: Channel 16

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